• Occhi della Guerra

    Occhi della Guerra

    The first crowdfunding project for war report

  • Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Software Engineer, CTO http://t.co/exgEQHlNAw, Django, Flask, Symfony2, Rails and a few others.. :) http://t.co/0JcjbQrBPx.

  • David Stark

    David Stark

    Strategy consultant with a passion for growth, digital, and eCommerce. DC — New York — London — Tel Aviv. @UofR alum. www.linkedin.com/davidmannstark/

  • Raimo Kangasniemi

    Raimo Kangasniemi

    A useless humanist with a love for art, astronomy, history, literature, science, human rights and social justice. I hate oppression.

  • (AD)channar


    Humanity nature , Human history, philosopher. life.sex.brain heart language Endurance conference specialist

  • AddonSolutions


    Addon Solutions is a full-cycle software development company focusing on major areas Mobile applications , Advanced web applications .

  • Bill Hofmann

    Bill Hofmann

    Techology exec, dad, cyclist/triathlete, in no particular order... Dolby, but not audio!

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